MEL & Policy Analysis

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Research and Policy Analysis

As a research and advisory firm, Alyaqout Marketing Research & Consultancies provides valuable and updated insights into social development and economic development programs to enable data-driven decisions. Our expertise combines Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Research, and Policy Analysis.

Strategic advisory services contribute to building monitoring and quality control systems to manage social projects, institutionalizing performance reporting, and achieving tangible results. Practical and culturally relevant social impact assessment strategies are designed for organizations that involve all stakeholders, not just Evaluation Experts and Program officers.

Impact evaluation is incorporated into program design by developing contextual Theory of Change (ToC) frameworks, developing Quantitative and Qualitative measurements, and building impact-centric solutions.

Our Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Research, and Policy Analysis services provide stakeholders 360-degree view of projects and programs during and after deployment. Through our network of local experts, we involve in projects and manage them based on relevant evaluation criterions such as effectiveness, efficiency, impact, continuity, sustainability, viability, relevance, and coherence, with agility and adaptability taking into consideration the context of each targeted country (tribal tensions, war between factions, security tensions, health hazards, local customs and traditions, etc.).

Alyaqout regularly conducts international development research for International institutions, NGOs, governments, humanitarian groups, and other stakeholders in the development and relief sectors. Our dedicated International Development Team includes experts in project implementation, adaptive management, and more. Sectors we work in include:

Humanitarian Aid

Quickly reach populations affected by natural catastrophe, conflict, and disease

Public Health, Nutrition and Wash

Monitor and improve health systems and with on-the-ground data

Combatting Violent Extremism

Reach local communities to combat extremism

Energy, Climate and Environment

Gather direct feedback on energy and climate concerns

Food and Agriculture

Monitor and predict changes to food security and agricultural production

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Gather ongoing data for more effective monitoring, evaluation and learning

Financial Inclusion and Social Protection

Assess financial inclusion and reach unbanked populations

Education, Skills development and Employment

Reach teachers, parents, and youth to improve education and employment

Tourism and Heritage Conservation

Identify the local touristic opportunities and asses the heritage needs

Equity, Equality, and Human Rights

Develop the promoting and upholding of equality and human rights ideals and laws

IDPs & Refugees Marginalized and vulnerable populations

Gather data and view of social conditions and community inclusion

Democracy and Governance

Safely gather citizen feedback from remote areas and conflict zones

Technology and Community development

Identify technology’s impact on populations and communities

Public Policy analysis and impact assessment  

Assess the economic, social, and environmental effects of public policy

Grant & Fund management for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Identify development opportunities and promote economic and financial inclusion

Resilience and Migration

Develop more effective resilience programming with data