About Us

We are a Market Research and Consultancy firm; we provide customized marketing & social research and consultancies on an international scale from our Headquarter in Dubai, UAE and across our branches and direct teams in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company has offices in Morocco, Algeria, and Niger with an agile presence in Arabic, African and Asian countries through an extensive network of international and local consultants, Experts in data gathering, and experienced partners in Fieldwork Management.

Our global research services include opinion and perception insights, segmentation, loyalty research, behavior usage & attitude, branding, industry analysis, competitive analysis, pricing research, usability testing, stakeholder audits, market-entry, as well as social research in the field of Elite survey, inclusion research, public opinion polls, social impact research, mid-term and end of project evaluation research in several domains such as Education, Healthcare, Migration, Human Rights, Marginalized and Vulnerable populations.

We have served over 50 industries, with core offerings in Consumer, Business to Business research (B2B), Industrial, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Information Technology, Travel, Retail, Advertising Research, Financial Services, Automotive, Food, Cosmetic and other industries.

Whether you are looking to better understand the opportunity within New Market, assess the new or existing product and service portfolio, enhance Customer Experience, position or reposition your Brand… Our research can bring the reliable Insights you need.

Are you looking for a committed partner to work alongside you through the research process, from the proposal to successful completion?

Think Alyaqout Marketing research

Why Choose Alyaqout Marketing Research and Consultancies?

Our projects have spanned over 45 countries where we have been providing value to our clients for the last 11 years. Our core strengths are: 

Principles of our work



We help you to identify and define the right research methodology for your studies to not only meet your present needs but enable your future mile stoning.



We always bring our authentic selves to work to provide richer analysis through multiple perspectives in each country we cover, respecting the local cultures, habits, and behaviors.



Growth and innovation mean we are engaged, and our work is ever evolving. We will always seek to surprise and delight you.



You get data and Market studies that are accurate, on time, and within your budget, because our DNA is to get stuff done right in time, to the highest standard, and at the best cost.

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